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Architecture & Design

Quality made paramount.

It is essential that any project is properly investigated before taking the final decision to buy, build, or develop. We will assess your project feasibility from the initial conception to its completion, identify potential problems, and come up with a solution to rectify them so that your project runs like clockwork. 

Whether it is a new building, an extension, refurbishment, renovation, re-modelling, rehabilitation, restoration, conversion or a change of use project that you have in mind you will find our experienced and fully qualified consultant architects, technicians and building surveyors can offer you a client-focused service tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Architects are trained in the planning, design, and oversight of building projects. They are responsible for creating a design that meets the client's brief and provides a facility suitable for the intended use. To achieve this we work with our clients to fully understand their requirements. We believe that a well-prepared brief should produce more than a building that meets the client's requirement; it should be the spark that ignites the design.

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