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Terms and definitions


Website –


Information - any graphics, text, audio-visual content of the Website, including, but not limited to text, links, articles, advertising banners and ads, reviews, comments, announcements, forum messages, photo and video materials, design elements, illustrations, scripts, software and drivers.


User - any capable physical person acting in his/her own interests or in the interests of other persons, accessing the Website via Internet.

Website Administration - staff, administrators, authors, editors and moderators that are directly responsible for functioning and contents of the Website. The definition of the Website Administration shall under no circumstances include Users who post the Information on the Website at their own initiative and without direct instructions from the Website Administration.


Information and its use

The Information is not a public offer (commercial offer) and is provided for the informational purposes only. The Information cannot be regarded by anyone as a direct guide for action, is not of a compulsory nature and may not bear the features of reliability and accuracy.

Registered trademarks, brands and other names of the organizations mentioned on the Website are the property of the persons in whose names they are registered. In cases where references thereto would entail the infringement of rights and legitimate interests of the rightholders, such references will be immediately removed upon the appropriate application of the legal owners.


All Information contained on this Website is protected by copyright and owned by the Website, unless otherwise is expressly stated or implied. Subject to presence of the author’s signature (pseudonym), this author retains the authorship, but the ownership to the article is held by the Website, unless otherwise is provided by the agreement between the author and the Website. In the absence of authorship indication, the article shall be regarded as a result of intellectual work of group of authors and shall be recognized the exclusive property of the Website.


Copying of the Information aimed at further posting in the Internet is permitted only subject to putting a hyperlink to the Website. Use of the Information, fully or in part, in printed media or periodicals without identifying the source of the Information is prohibited. In case of full publication of the Information from the Website it shall not be amended, modified or falsified (removal of the author's signature and the date of publication is also prohibited).


Files and software contained on this Website are received from open sources and are provided for the informational purposes only. If you are the rightholder of any file and/or software and consider that their posting on this Website infringes your rights – please contact the Website Administration immediately and your application shall be handled within the most reasonable time.


The Information posted by the Users on the Website is neither preliminary moderated nor approved by the Administration of the Website. Website Administration takes all possible measures in order to identify and remove the Information that violates the copyright, current legislation, generally accepted moral and ethical standards. The copyright to the Information posted by the Users of the Website is owned by the User, unless it is specified otherwise.


Warranties and Disclaimer



The Website Administration does not provide warranties in relation to completeness, accuracy, timeliness, appropriateness, reliability, effective use of the Information. The Information expresses only the opinion of the author (group of authors) on a particular issue and can not be used as a direct guide to action. The Website Administration shall not be responsible for any errors or inaccuracies that may be contained in the Information.


The Website Administration shall not responsible for any kind of damage (including, without limitation, moral, material, physical) that has been caused by the User to himself/herself or to any third parties as a result of incorrect interpretation, application or any other legal or illegal use of the Information, including the consequences that have arisen or could arise due to errors, typos and inaccuracies in the Information. Any Information can be used by any User entirely at such User’s own risk.


Use of the Information shall mean consent to all terms and conditions contained herein and their unconditional acceptance. Using the Information, the User waives all possible claims and demands to the Website Administration.

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