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Extensions & Conversions

Quality made paramount.

As civil engineers and builders, we strive to provide our customers with exceptional service, this commitment has led us to build extensions and make conversions of our client's real estate properties throughout the UK.

The process commences at the stage of drawing up a commercial offer, where we work to ensure that we present materials that fit as closely as possible, and the quotation itself is clear and detailed so that you can see that is not the composition of any hidden costs.


There is a lot to think about when considering a contractor's quotation or estimation. We tend to provide our customers with a fixed price for our job and materials, so you know exactly where you are standing. Builders are notorious for adding extra charges at the end of the job, not our company.  As a matter of fact, our estimates are carefully prepared and cover everything you may need so that you do not face unexpected extra costs upon completion of the job unless you change your initial requirements set out in specifications.

Our staff is well known for their courtesy and the consideration they show to your property during the construction process. We only employ well-trained professionals. We know that we offer the best quality work and materials, the most efficient building service and the best staff. If we are beaten on price, it is usually because a low-quality or incomplete job is being offered to you.

All our projects have dedicated project managers, contractors, and specific professionals that make up our construction management team. Our project manager will be the main point of contact and the problem solver for the project; this person is the one that takes the weight, strain and worry off your shoulders so you can relax knowing that your project is in the best hands possible.

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