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Permitted Development

Quality made paramount.

Some types of building work and changes of use are classed as ‘permitted development’. This means that they can be carried out without formal planning permission. These include extensions, conversions, alterations to windows, and changes to boundary treatments. The regulations are complex. Many properties do not benefit from full permitted development rights. It is important to make sure you know what you can do before going ahead with any work.


Taking a detailed brief is an important first step for every project as it identifies your aims and objectives, your essential requirements, and the budget limitations. In addition to the essentials, you may have a "wish list" that will personalise the scheme, all of this forms part of the brief. Working closely together we will interpret your brief to produce sketch proposals that will give you a pictorial image of how the building might look.


Typically our sketches consist of plans and elevations drawn to scale. We will guide you through the alternatives, discussing the pros and cons. In the process, we might take parts you like from one and join them to parts you like in another to find your preferred solution.

In most cases, we will prepare a budget estimate based on a final sketch scheme. 

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