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Quality made paramount.

We are surveyors regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and RPSA (Residential Property Surveyors Association). We have over 30 years worth of experience in the construction industry, and with every survey deliver quality and efficiency.

Survey Types
Home Surveys
Level 1 / Condition Survey

The most basic survey that gives an overview of the property's  condition but does not go into detail.

It is typically chosen to confirm that everything looks okay when purchasing a new property.

Recommended for:

  • New properties up to 2 years old

Provides an overview, highlights problems and comes with surveyors advice with regards to repairs and maintenance.

Comes with an option for market valuation at an extra fee.

Recommended for:

  • Flats that are not located on ground or top levels,

  • Houses that are up to 10 years old

Level 2 / Home Buyer Survey
Level 2 / Home Buyer Survey
Level 1 / Condition Survey
Level 3 / Building Survey

Provides a thorough and detailed report based on the inspection. Comes with professional advice from the surveyor regarding: the condition of the property, causes of defects and what repairs/maintenance is needed.

Recommended for:

  • Flats located on ground or top levels 

  • Houses that are over 10 years old 

  • Properties with extensions or conversions

  • Properties with visible structural defects

Level 3/ Building Survey
Surveyed Properties
Surveyed Properties Examples

Our surveyors have surveyed many different types of properties. Below are just a few examples of properties that they have inspected.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a survey take?

On average we allow 2-3 hours for the inspection of a property, this will however depend on its size and complexity. After the inspection your report will be written, the time taken will also depend on the property's size and complexity.

How big is an average Level 3/Building Survey report?

The length of the report is dependant on the size, condition and complexity of the property. In most cases a Level 3/Building Survey report would contain 80-90 pages. Similarly a Level 2/Home Buyers Survey report will contain around 65-75.

Will my report contain pictures of the property?

Yes, all of our reports contain pictures of the property and grounds.

Is everything in the property checked during inspection?

Our surveyors will do their best to inspect the entire property for issues. However the RICS & RPSA regulations state that the inspection must be non-intrusive and hence any areas that are not easily accessible may not be checked. For example: if the hatch to the loft is obstructed or concealed and opening it would cause damage to the property or safety risk to the surveyor, the loft would not be inspected.

Could I negotiate the property price after a 'bad' survey?

If the survey has found new/worsened defects then you are able to negotiate the price lower in order to cover the repair costs. Remember that you are also free to walk away from the purchase altogether.

Will the surveyor tell me if I should purchase the property or not?

Our surveyors provide overall opinion of the property based on the survey undertaken on the inspection day. However, our surveyors do not provide investment and legal advice on the purchase of the property. 

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