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Eco Homes

We supply and build eco homes for more organic, healthy and ecological living. Our range includes Nordic style modern log homes, traditional log houses, holiday lodges/cabins, and various buildings for commercial and public use. 


Honka log homes are crafted from finest Finnish massive wood. Honka were the first industrial manufacturer of log houses in the world and have built nearly 90,000 houses worldwide. A genuine Honka log house is a warm, inviting and healthy place to live. It’s an ecological home that quite literally takes good care of the people who live within its walls.


The main material of Honka houses is Finnish pine/spruce, which is a 100% renewable, dense, and durable construction material. Massive wood has the unique ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air as the room dries; this helps to keep the indoor humidity at an optimal level and it’s been scientifically proven that solid wood structures lower the heart rate and reduce stress. Solid wood also has excellent acoustic properties, absorbing sounds and creating a calming and cosy atmosphere.

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